Ellie Diggins | UX Designer


I'm a UX designer with a passion to create the right solutions for you

My Design Process


Conduct research to reveal key objectives of the project


Connect with people to bridge business goals and user needs


Use what has been learned to design a solution


Observe and gain insight into how users interact with the product


Take user feedback to improve the designs!



Caterpillar UX Student Challenge

Collaborated with peers and UX professionals to digitize the pre-registration of fluid samples


Peoria Humane Society Cat Cafe

Worked with local non-profit to design ways to increase donor base



An educational VR experience for butterfly fans


2024 Interactive Media Showcase

Made creative decisions and established branding on graphical assets for the event

About Me

I’m a UX designer with a background in computer science and psychology. I’m currently studying at Bradley University to earn a bachelor’s degree in UX Design.

An eagerness to learn has led me to pick up a wide range of hobbies including painting, needle felting, playing board games, reading and more! Any knowledge I pick up inspires the next projects I work on. With everything I learn, I aim to design experiences that are fun, but inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Tools I Use

Why me?

As a UX designer, I give everyone a voice in the project. I’ve been collaborating on interdisciplinary teams since 2018.

  • Clients include individuals, businesses, and non-profits.
  • I was the freshman recipient of the Applied Excellence in UX award.
  • I was on the winning team for the Caterpillar UX Student Challenge.

Enough about me,
What do you want to create?